The Blog

My blog is a nice mix of dog stories, training advice and other valuable resources to help you connect and enjoy your dog with ease and confidence.  My blog is where I answer frequently asked questions so you have a reliable source of dog-raising information.

People often tell me how much they appreciate my guidance as so many sources on the internet have conflicting information. The blog is also where I share favorite products and gear I rely on daily to improve my life with a dog.

I believe in simplicity, so everything I share is tried and true and meant to make your life easier, more enjoyable and calmer!

Hi, my name is Dre and I believe that every dog wants love and connection with their owner and by offering guidance, clear communication and structure, your dog can and will be loyal to you like no other. In this blog, I aim to provide you with inspiration, practical tips and go-to resources to help you raise the best hound in town!