Breeder Partnership

Get more raving referrals 

for your breeding business – 

without spending extra time 

or money on marketing.

Here’s the scoop: 

With My Loyal Hound’s training partnership program,
you can ensure your families have the best resources to raise
your high-quality pups into lifelong companions. 

From there, families will sing your puppy praises and brag that
they found the best breeder. And, when others see how well-behaved
your pups are, they’ll be lining up to join your waitlist!

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But first, it’s all about your pups. 


You’re a breeder with high standards, and you pour your heart and soul into your work. You care deeply about the lifelong success of your pups, and you want them to be placed in well-prepared homes. Nothing warms your heart more than receiving photos, videos, and other “pupdates” from families where your pups have reached new milestones, are out on big adventures, and are living their best dog lives. (Seriously, you wish you could have HALF the fun they’re having!)

Still, you know that things aren’t always picture-perfect for 

new dog owners and their pups.

The scene usually goes something like this … 

Family brings puppy home.
➡ Family struggles with nipping,  barking, crate training, and more.
➡ Family becomes overwhelmed when puppy doesn’t listen.
➡ Family leaves puppy at home. 

Put simply, a  well-trained dog is a happy dog that gets included in daily outings, friendly gatherings, and even travel. 

An untrained dog gets left at home, because it’s just too stressful to bring her along. 

This cuts deep because you KNOW that if your families just had the proper support to train their new pup, there’d be no more leave-behinds!

And if you’re being totally honest …  

There’s another reason why you want your pups to be well-trained once they leave your property: 

Because it makes your life EASIER.  

As much as you love your clients (you really do!),  it can be exhausting when: 

  • You’re constantly fielding questions from overwhelmed, tired, or frustrated new puppy families (at ALL hours of the day and night!).
  • You’re spending precious time answering the SAME questions over and over again. (You should really just record your voice and do playbacks!).

  • You’re being pulled in a million different directions, making it hard to give your very best to your business. (You’re convinced:  Multitasking is an evil myth!)

Imagine, instead, if puppy training was built into your breeding
program and did most of the customer care
for you. 

Love the idea? Then meet …  


By My Loyal Hound 


This four-week, online program provides new puppy families with step-by-step
educational resources to ease the transition from breeder to forever home.
The goal is a smooth and joyful training process, without the usual hiccups and chaos. 

No more battling with a puppy that still has accidents, eats food off the counter,
pulls parents on walks, or lunges to play with the kids. (Because the LAST thing we
want is for the puppy to get returned, rehomed, or –
gasp – sent to a rescue.)

The Puppy System is unique because it takes all the guesswork out of puppy training:
Your families just follow the lessons delivered each week,
and enjoy a calmer, more disciplined dog.

Here’s what life can look like when your families join The Puppy System…


You’ll send home your puppies knowing that they’re going to parents who have access to phenomenal resources, education, and training support to raise well-behaved dogs.


You’ll save a ton of time and energy by directing puppy parents back to Dre and The Puppy System community whenever they have training questions or behavioral concerns.


Your puppy families will rave about your program and you’ll be seen as a trusted, premiere breeder who provides superior training options along with their puppies.


You’ll enjoy more time to focus on what you do best: breeding, raising, and nurturing high-quality puppies. You get to be the cheerleader and celebrate puppy wins knowing that someone else is providing expert knowledge on puppy behavior.

Are there other online puppy trainers out there? 

Sure …  but there’s also an abundance of conflicting information that can feel overwhelming and confusing to new puppy owners. Just figuring out where to start is daunting enough. 

(And be warned: That’s when puppy owners usually start blasting YOU with questions!) 

*cue the stress headaches for both parties* 

So … 

What if each puppy owner didn’t have to reinvent the wheel?
What if they could skip the 11 pm “How to crate train a dog” Google vortex?
What if they had an easy, all-in-one system for raising the calm dog of their dreams?

Send them right to The Puppy System!

As a breeder, one of the things that eats up my time (and can cause a puppy to be returned) is a family that expects a puppy to be perfectly trained before it goes home. By offering virtual training, you’re giving that new puppy family a way to learn to train their new puppy in an organized way with Dre! Plus, I get a lot fewer questions about puppy training which I LOVE.

Austin & Elli, A+E Farms (Breeder)

Hey, fellow dog lover!
I’m Dre Nolon,    

Expert dog coach, founder of My Loyal Hound, and creator of The Puppy System. 

I help breeders like you ensure that their puppies reach their greatest potential by easing their transition into homes that are informed, supported, and expertly guided through every step of the puppy training process. 

As a lifelong educator who’s now been training dogs for 12+ years, I take a love-centered approach to my work. I show new puppy owners how to understand their dogs’ needs to establish a strong foundation for beautiful lives together. 

Bonding and connection are at the center of all effective training!

Long ago, I realized that many dog  behavior problems were easily preventable. So, I doubled down on working with little puppies, specializing in the ”transition period” as a critical time of development. With early intervention and proper educational resources, new puppy parents can be more present with their new puppy, enjoying the magical moments this special time can bring! 

As you and I both know … 

It’s so much easier to prevent bad behaviors than it is to undo them.

With The Puppy System, I guide families in understanding, motivating, and working with their dogs to establish themselves as the parent/teacher/authority and to confidently step into a leadership role with their pups. 

Training the pup to look to their owner for direction means improved communication, better behaviors, a deeper connection and more satisfied puppy families. 

And, happy puppy parents with well-behaved dogs mean YOU get higher-quality referrals. Win, win! 

Let’s take a closer look inside 


New puppy owners are gently guided through every step of puppy training with a positive, heart-centered approach. With an emphasis on bonding and communication, we provide structured weekly lessons (sent to people’s inboxes), and proven systems to take all the guesswork out of training. 

By creating routines and preventing unnecessary chaos, families become more present for the magical moments with their little pup. Furniture is left untouched, everyone is sleeping through the night, and there are fewer accidents to clean up (AMEN!). 

Sure, the new-puppy stage can be trying. 


Too MANY new dog owners have cried into their coffee,
wondering if they made a mistake!
But, thanks to The Puppy System, new puppy parents can track their progress and
celebrate valuable milestones while having  lots more FUN. 

The Puppy System is packed with games, lessons, and engaging training activities
to ensure everyone has a good time while laying a solid foundation for all  future training. 

(Because if it isn’t fun, it won’t work!)

Here’s how it all breaks down:

WEEK 1: The Adjustment Period

In week one, we lay the groundwork for building trust, developing a strong bond, and placing the parent firmly in the leadership role so the puppy feels safe and cared for.

Lessons Include:

  • Puppy Developmental Stages
  • Puppy Schedule
  • Crate Training Games
  • Feeding Tips
  • Potty Training
  • Sleeping Through the Night
  • Puppy Nipping
  • Sit

Week TWO: Foundations for Success

During week two, we discover how our dogs learn and how to best communicate, train, and motivate them using their canine brains. This week’s curriculum is essential for teaching any new skill throughout a dog’s lifetime.

Lessons Include:

  • Understanding Your Dog
  • Teaching Language
  • Art of Timing
  • Use of Treats
  • Nosework
  • Leash Basics

WEEK 3: Raising a Calm and Confident Dog

Here, we introduce the puppy to new settings and situations in an enjoyable way, so she learns polite manners and resiliency. This is socialization 101! We’re training dogs who are easy to take with us on adventures, know how to behave appropriately in different situations, and add joy to everyday outings together.

Lessons Include:

  • Socialization
  • Calm Observation
  • Polite Greetings
  • No Biting
  • No Jumping
  • Leash Walking and Harnesses

WEEK 4: Impulse Control

During the final week of the course, we move into more refined concepts of impulse control. With these tools, students teach their puppies patience and how to watch for direction. We also cover new schedules, and how to keep challenging your dog once they have mastered basic skills, and mastery of commands.

Lessons Include:

  • Building on a Command
  • Stay
  • Door Manners
  • Reliable Come
  • New Places in the Home
  • Independence
  • Schedule Adjustments


Students of The Puppy System will also receive weekly live Q&A sessions, printable worksheets, homework assignments, activity videos, weekly email check-ins, and a private online community for accountability, friendship, and support. Whatever they need, we have it covered!

Before starting the course, we struggled with our puppy’s schedule, but Dre’s schedule structure was a lifesaver! Not to mention, her crate games and crate training curriculum were seriously a godsend. After each class, we’d close the computer and literally walk away completely refreshed and refueled to push forward.

Graham, Hillary, & Phyllis (Students)

Btw, we see this as a true, 



Our goal is to work collaboratively to build your breeding business, increase your
visibility,  support
our students, and set your dogs up for lifelong success. 

Here’s what you get: 

➡  Enroll your puppy parents at a significantly reduced price ($60 discount/Price: $167.00)
➡  Confidence that your puppy parents have access to the support they deserve
 Marketing support/resources to easily promote The Puppy System
 Communication templates to help you craft on-brand emails
 Access to our breeders’ resource library and community of fellow elite breeders
➡  Opportunity to join My Loyal Hound’s online “Find a Puppy” directory

We ask that: 

➡  Our puppy training is included in all of your promotional materials and becomes a built-in part of your breeding program
➡ You communicate this training opportunity to all of your puppy parents
You give your families the Bringing Puppy Home intro course two weeks before puppy goes home (at no additional cost)
You promote the benefits of the course, helping puppy families see the value in early puppy training
You check in via email with your puppy parents (communication templates provided) to cheer them on!

So, who pays for The Puppy System? 

Good news: You can offer our expert training with every one of your pups – at no extra cost to you. 

Each breeding program is unique! We want to make sure you have options to design your program in the way that suits your needs:

  • Some breeders simply include the cost of The Puppy System in their package price and include training with every puppy they send home.
  • Other breeders prefer to make training optional and collect the enrollment fee directly from their puppy parents.

You probably have more questions. 

(That works, because we’ve got answers!)

How do I enroll my puppy parents?

Enrolling your families couldn’t be easier!

Once you’re accepted into our program, you’ll receive access to an enrollment form where you can enroll student(s) at the discounted breeder partner price. You will automatically get a payment confirmation email with a record of the students you’ve enrolled. Keeping you organized is important to us!

As soon as you hit ‘submit,’ your students will instantly receive a welcome email with their login information.

How much does this cost?

Partnering with My Loyal Hound should benefit you financially, not cost you money.

Your cost per each enrollment is $167.00. You can include this as part of your puppy pricing, or collect it from your puppy families directly.

Many Breeder Partners collect an additional $30 admin/processing fee.

When do students begin the course?

Since puppies go home on different days, we’ve made this as easy for you as possible!

Your students will get instant access to the course once you hit ‘submit’ on the enrollment form. (Easy, right?!?)

We recommend enrolling students as close to Go-Home Day as possible.

Do puppy parents pay or do I pay?

You, the breeder, collect the money and purchase the course for your families. Ultimately, the puppy parents pay, and you are collecting the money and purchasing the course for them, to access the significant discount and ensure easy enrollment.

Do you have any materials to help families prepare for their new puppy?

We created a free mini-course called Bringing Puppy Home for you to share with all your puppy families! Sending this link two weeks before puppy goes home gives them an introduction to The Puppy System and helps them prepare for their new puppy’s arrival.

Will I get a receipt and record of who we registered?

Absolutely! Once you hit “submit” you will be sent a receipt of payment, and a copy of all the students names you registered! We want this to be as easy for you as possible, so you can focus on what you do best!

Can I send individuals to take the course?

Yes, as a breeding partner, you can absolutely purchase the course for others in your community at your discounted rate.

How will puppy parents know if they’re staying on track?

Puppy families get a new chapter delivered to their inbox each week.  We send emails to keep them motivated and provide questionnaires, progress reports and quizzes to help them track their progress. Plus, the platform makes it easy for them to pick up right where they left off.  The community and the live Q+As help them see how others are doing and will motivate them to keep practicing, too!

What’s the difference between this and all the other dog training programs out there?

The Puppy System is unique because it’s designed specifically for 8-24 week old puppies! By providing a proven, sequential,  easy-to-follow training system, it gently helps guide new puppy parents towards best practices, eliminating  guesswork, confusion and overwhelm from early puppy training. We focus on preventing/minimizing common problems from occurring.

I want my puppy families to be able to raise well-rounded puppies, and I believe 100% that this course accomplishes that! I definitely recommend it to other breeders. 

Working with Dre has added tremendous value to my program, and I wouldn’t trade it!

– Rachel, Whispering Vines Doods (Breeder)

Ready to elevate your breeding program,  

attract more clients, and set your pups up for 

lifelong success?  

It starts with these simple steps. 

**Applications for the breeder partnership are currently closed. Join the waitlist below to be the first in the know!**

Step 1:  Apply Below 

Click the “Apply Now” button below and fill out our short application form. We’ll review your submission and respond within two business days.

Step 2:  Watch Your Inbox

Once your application is approved, you’ll receive an email with everything you need to get started, including access to our breeder partner resource folder, communication templates, and the course purchase link.

Step 3: Share the Love

When a litter is ready for training, you’ll use the course purchase page to select the number of puppies from your litter enrolling in the course and enter the names and email addresses of the new puppy parents.

Step 4: Sit Back and Relax 

Ta-da! As soon as you submit your puppy parents’ contact information, they’ll receive instant access to the course (and Dre!)  with login info via email.

Psst. One more thing … 

If you’re still reading, you’re clearly
more than just an average breeder. 

You have a deep-rooted dedication to your pups, and you know the adjustment from breeder to new home is the most critical stage for early bonding, establishing healthy routines, and eliminating behaviors from the get-go.

You want to make the adjustment as smooth as possible and are ALL IN on leveraging tools from an expert dog trainer (yours truly) to make that happen. 

So, that’s your cue …