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My Loyal Hound is proud to partner with select ethical breeders to provide their litters with early puppy training. These premier Loyal Breeders support their families by ensuring they have the best educational resources from the beginning.

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Photo of 4LoveOfGoldens 4LoveOfGoldens

Hello! I’m Pam from 4LoveOfGoldens. My husband and I raise hard-to-find dark/red golden retriever puppies in our family room, with Early Neurological Stimulation, Early Scent Introduction, exposure daily to various sensory experiences & socialization. Our puppies are introduced to crates, house-training ready. Parents are AKC registered, health-tested, clear of genetic diseases, OFA certified (hips/elbows, etc), premium fed, part of our family.…

Photo of A+E Farms A+E Farms

Hey! We are Austin and Elli and together we run A+E Farms. Located in the scenic Utah Mountains, we work hard to raise intelligent, medium energy Bernedoodle puppies that make the best couch potato pups while at the same time being adventure ready! One part of our program that really sets us apart is our temperament testing that allows us to help guide families in picking their perfect puppy!…

Photo of Bee Haven Poodles and Doodles Bee Haven Poodles and Doodles

I’m Amanda Heath, the breeder behind Bee Haven Poodles and Doodles located in Florida. It is our joy to breed puppies of high standard from genetically health tested parents. We want to improve the way dogs are bred—and raised—until they go to their new homes. That includes raising our puppies within proven curriculum. As a result, they will know nothing but love and security as they go from our hearts and hands, to yours.

Photo of Bella Ridge Farms Bella Ridge Farms

Hi! I’m Dorrie, the breeder behind Bella Ridge Farms.

My journey as a breeder began when I was searching for a dog to help with my flock of chickens, and a friend suggested I look into Bernedoodles. My son has Cerebral Palsy and experiences some balance and mobility issues, and I knew we might face some difficulty with a large dog.…

Photo of Berns & Doodles Berns & Doodles

We are the Schwartz family, and we absolutely love Bernese Mountain Dogs and Bernedoodles! We want to share our love for this breed with others so you can enjoy all of the love that these pets bring us.

Our goal is to produce dogs with optimal temperaments so they’ll be valued family members, and optimal health for long and enjoyable lives.…

Photo of Blue Line Labradoodles STX Blue Line Labradoodles STX

I’m Rita, and I breed strong, healthy Labradoodle puppies who become family pets and loving companions. I’m so proud of what my program has become, and it wouldn’t be possible without my family’s help and dedication! The journey from our home to furever homes is so rewarding, and I hope that it continues to bring joy into the lives of many families.

Photo of Buttery Bernedoodles of South Florida Buttery Bernedoodles of South Florida

My name is Kailey and my heart is in breeding mini bernedoodle puppies. My Heart-Dog, Butters, is the kind of dog that comes along once in your life and puts his paws on your soul. That’s why our dogs are so Buttery! Everything we do is done with passion and love to provide you with your once-in-a-lifetime Heart-Dog.…

Photo of Coco Avenue Pups Coco Avenue Pups

Hi! I’m Sarah, owner of Coco Avenue Pups in Salt Lake City, Utah. I breed top-quality bernedoodle and AKC standard poodle puppies with incredible temperaments and health, for families who share my love and passion for these lovely companions. My dogs are beloved pets and family members. When making decisions for my program, their well-being will always come first!

Photo of Colby Trail Doodles Colby Trail Doodles

Colby Trail Doodles is a small responsible in-home dog breeding program located in Glendora, California, raising family friendly Doodles. Our goal is to raise Goldendoodle and Bernedoodle puppies with wonderful temperaments, that are human focused, great with kids, loving, mellow, and gentle to all. We have very high standards when it comes to the health and quality of our breeding dogs.…