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My Loyal Hound is proud to partner with select ethical breeders to provide their litters with early puppy training. These premier Loyal Breeders support their families by ensuring they have the best educational resources from the beginning.

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Bella Ridge Farms

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Hi! I’m Dorrie, the breeder behind Bella Ridge Farms.

My journey as a breeder began when I was searching for a dog to help with my flock of chickens, and a friend suggested I look into Bernedoodles. My son has Cerebral Palsy and experiences some balance and mobility issues, and I knew we might face some difficulty with a large dog. After all, the dog would need to have good spatial awareness and be well-trained regarding my son’s mobility. But we were up for the challenge!

We brought home our new Bernedoodle Mowgli, and right away I couldn’t believe he was so intuitively compliant, gentle, and trainable. I was astonished by his loyalty and awareness of his human counterparts’ needs, and began researching everything I could about this incredible breed.

We are now dedicated to raising Aussiedoodles, Bernedoodles and coming soon, Australian Mountain Doodles. Our goal is to provide family dogs and service dogs with exceptional dispositions. We work hard to create loving, loyal, and healthy companions that shed less than parent breeds. Our dogs are the reason for it all and we consider each one as a member of our family!

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