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My Loyal Hound is proud to partner with select ethical breeders to provide their litters with early puppy training. These premier Loyal Breeders support their families by ensuring they have the best educational resources from the beginning.

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Curl Squad

Arizona Jan-June, Utah June-January United States Website:

Breeder Info

Hello! I’m Brooke, the breeder behind Curl Squad. I breed my puppies to live long, fulfilled lives as heart dogs for their forever families. I’m here to help you plan, prepare for and take home the puppy of your dreams!

I want each family’s puppy-raising adventure to be enjoyable, educational, and, in the long run, something they would want to do over again. To achieve this, I try to produce pups that fit well in a family lifestyle by selecting for traits such as good overall health, long lifespan, intelligence, human affability, high trainability, low/mild prey arousal, low/mild energy, good food motivation, and lower care or higher hypoallergenic coat qualities. I have been training and breeding dogs since I was 14 years old, and believe that bettering each generation through research and intentional selection is rewarding!

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