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My Loyal Hound is proud to partner with select ethical breeders to provide their litters with early puppy training. These premier breeders support their families by ensuring they have the best educational resources from the beginning.

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Pup Fiction Breeders

Los Angeles California United States Website:

Breeder Info

Pup Fiction Breeders is a responsible boutique breeding program based in Los Angeles, California. We’re inspired by the power of the companionship that a well-tempered, human-focused pup can bring into someone’s life. We breed only once annually to raise gentle and kind dogs for homes that will be completed by the deep bond of a perfectly tempered pup.

Our family has experienced the transformative healing that a dog can bring into our hearts and we work hard through curriculum work, DNA testing, and relationship-based training to empower our pups to bring that same light into their new families’ homes.

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