Hi, I’m Dre!

I aim to be your dog training bestie, who answers all your dog related questions and consistently provides reliable advice. I offer a variety of different services to help my clients on their dog raising journey. From blogs to product recommendations, I provide free resources focused on real results. For those that want more in depth training, I do have private coaching services (in-person and remote) and an online puppy training course, The Puppy System. If you have any questions, or would like to reach me directly, please email me at


In this four-week virtual course, I’ll coach you through your first month of puppy ownership and teach you everything you need to know about raising and training a puppy. With step-by-step guidance, structured activities and fun training games, you will learn to raise that well-behaved dog you’ve always wanted.  

Learn the building blocks of potty training, loose leash walking, basic commands, and more – and prevent undesirable puppy habits from ever forming!

I’m also proud to partner with premier, ethical breeders to provide puppy training for their new puppy families.



Dog people are the best people! If you are looking for a dog-loving community, practical tips that you can apply in real time, and inspirational dog pictures, then join me on Instagram or Facebook.



Information & Resources

My blog is a nice mix of dog stories, training advice and other valuable resources to help you connect and enjoy your dog with ease and confidence.  My blog is where I answer frequently asked questions so you have a reliable source of dog-raising information. 

People often tell me how much they appreciate my guidance as so many sources on the internet have conflicting information. The blog is also where I share favorite products and gear I rely on daily to improve my life with a dog. 

I believe in simplicity, so everything I share is tried and true and meant to make your life easier, more enjoyable and calmer. If you haven’t seen it yet, head on over to the blog.

One-on-One Coaching

I offer one-on-one coaching, in-person and virtually. 

  • Are you frustrated with potty training accidents? 
  • Is your puppy’s nipping driving you crazy, but nothing you try seems to work? 
  • Are you having a hard time reading your dog’s signals?  
  • Are you confused about whether to use a crate or not?

It might be time for a private coaching session that is tailor-made and focused on your specific needs and challenges. 

It’s amazing how quickly my clients can go from feeling frustrated, fed up, and at times remorseful about their choice to get a puppy … to relieved, in control and over-the-moon about their dog. 

**One-on-one coaching with Dre is currently full. Sign up for the one-on-one coaching waitlist HERE.**


What They Say

Coconut the Shichon

“Dre is not just a great trainer, she is a great teacher. She is thoughtful, encouraging, eternally optimistic, yet concrete and practical. Dre gave us the skills to train a calm, safe, utterly sweet Coconut and the confidence to sustain her training, while enjoying being pet parents at the same time. Coconut is on her way to being fully house trained; she sits, stays, comes when called (usually!) and lies down on command. She’s a happy dog and we are happy puppy parents. Thank you Dre!”

Hazel the Puerto Rican Rescue

Thank you, Dre! We are so excited for all we are learning from you!  You truly are an animal whisperer and we love you!”

Oak the Fox Red Lab

If you are looking for a dog coach who can teach you how to start off on a solid foundation with your new puppy, Andrea Nolon is the person for you. Dre’s calm and patient demeanor puts you and your entire family at ease and her tips and tricks are so easy to implement and follow that you see results right away.  Dogs are such an integral part of the family and learning how to raise a well-behaved, calm and loving pup is so key to a smooth transition.  It is so obvious that Andrea loves her job and has a special place in her heart for every dog she works with.  I would recommend Andrea 100%.”

Obie the Yellow Lab

“Dre is a wonderful resource. Obie is such a good dog and we know it is directly connected to his early training with My Loyal Hound!”

Coach the Mini Schnauzer

Thank you for your encouragement Dre! Honestly, it feels like your training is magic. It actually works! And I remind myself of Coach’s progress when I start to lose patience. Deep breaths!

Penny the German Shepherd

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the incredible help with Penny. I would have been so lost without your patience, kindness, and poise over the past few months. It’s been a true pleasure getting to know your philosophy on dog training!”

Toast the Corgi

“My Loyal Hound has been such a great resource during the first weeks of bringing home my new puppy. Dre has been super helpful in answering any questions I’ve had about my new puppy, and has recommended products and lots of tips to help me get my puppy’s biting under control. Dre is prompt with responding to questions asked, and always follows up to see if progress has been made or to see if I have any more questions. The videos on the @myloyalhound Instagram page have also been useful in helping me learning how to train my puppy. I am so thankful I found My Loyal Hound!!”

Kooper the Golden Retriever

“Without Andrea, Kooper would not be the wonderful therapy dog he is. She’s the best!”